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I've got hot girls wanting to suck and fuck me all day long. They want me to get them jobs in the porn industry. There's just one problem with that, I'm the Fake Agent UK! I usually like a creampie with my cup of tea, and I'm partial to a slice of anal. Click play to get a good idea of what I mean. Enjoy! PS. This one's on me, free! Keep calm and carry on fucking.

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Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing, where I'm going. Fate, destiny... Well, as it turns out Destiny turned up a 2pm today. Bang on time. Perfect. Destiny turned out to be in the form of a Bulgarian...(Read more)

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Do you know what I like more than a good pair of tits? A great set of nipples, and todays appointment had both. Fucking fantastic. I find out that she's an ex student looking to get into porn. Bingo....(Read more)

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There are things I love about Spain. Hot weather, great beaches, cheap booze and last but not least sexy bronzed Spanish beauties. Today's appointment wasn't quite bronzed but she was definitely a...(Read more)

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Deja Vu. Fucking hate that. It's hot, sweaty, the end of the week and I could swear I've seen this chick before. She swears that she ain't been here before... Well, I do fuck a lot of girls, so who...(Read more)

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Today I had another blast from the past. A girl I'd interviewed about a year ago... another loony bird that threatened to beat me up, a lot of attitude you could say. Well, she came back and told me...(Read more)

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You know the old saying... Some things come back to haunt you. Well that was true of today, I had a little visit from an extremely hot yet psychopathic ex interviewee. Let's just say she went a bit...(Read more)

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When I hear the word moor, I think dirty, stinking, filthy, nasty. Well this must also be true when transferred over to a persons name. Rebecca Moore was my morning slot today, looking tall, smart,...(Read more)

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Candi Cox, sounded like a porn name I thought. As it turned out she did indeed fuck for money. Candi was from the States looking to increase her porn profile in the UK. Sorry love you read the wrong...(Read more)

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They say all good things come in small packages, this I found very true of Roxi. This ebony chick was tiny but in perfect proportion with a great arse. During the interview I initially shocked her...(Read more)

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